What We Do

Hooked on Fishing Not On Violence (HOFNOV) program was founded in 2011. In the past 11 years the program has provided nearly 4,700 children and teens with the opportunity to participate in our fishing derbies and camping trips that are held several times during the spring and summer fishing seasons.  This program is uniquely designed to expose inner city at-promised [1]children to the art and sport of fishing.  HOFNOV is a nice fit for Sacramento because of the River City’s proximity to rivers, lakes and several streams, and creeks.  We have found that fishing breaks down a multitude of barriers while reduction and behavioral re-direction.  Not only is this activity enjoyable to the children, it is a physical activity that increases health and fitness.  This is important because one of the most astounding risk factors for at promised youths is the extraordinarily high rates of childhood obesity and adult onset/Type II Diabetes.

Our Mission

It is our mission to use sport fishing as a vehicle to mentor to children and create real moments of truth between our angler mentors and our young angler participants.

Nature Heals

Fishing allows our kids and their families to be removed from the environmental risk factors that many of them face and just be at one with nature.


March 2022

We’re proud to announce that Hooked on Fishing Not on Violence, was selected to participate in the first cohort of #SacYouthWorks: Futures to support youth to make healthy choices and engage in learning that will prepare them for their futures. #SacYouthWorks Futures (#Futures) in partnership with PRO Youth & Families and the Youth & Family Collective. The first #Futures cohort will engage approximately five to six community-based organizations and 100 youth (ages 14 – 19) in prevention education, paid work-based learning experiences, and service-learning projects.
#SacYouthWorks: Futures (#Futures) builds on the success of two local programs, #SacYouthWorks and SCCY’s Future Forward campaign, integrating underage marijuana and substance use prevention education and advocacy into a work-based learning framework. The program builds on the assets and strengths of the City’s trusted community-based organizations (CBOs) in connecting, serving, and responding to the specific needs of our city’s most vulnerable youth.





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